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Dawson Community College

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Dawson Community College Sports Information

$1,559,855 Total Revenue
$1,493,023 Total Expenses
9 Head Coaches

If you want to know more about the Dawson Community College sports programs, you’ve come to the right place. Here we present data on the program as a whole as well as information about each varsity sport offered at the school.

The Dawson Community College Athletics Program

A total number of 110 student athletes participate in varsity sports at the school, 59 of whom are male and 51 are female. On average, these students receive around $3,408 in sports-related student aid, which can help defray a lot of college costs. Breaking it down by gender, the average amount of sports aid awarded to men is $2,971 and the average awarded to women is $3,913.


Dawson Community College Coaches

Of the 9 head coaches at DCC, 4 are leaders of men’s teams and 5 lead women’s teams. The average salary of the men’s team head coaches is $94,880, while the head coaches of women’s team make, on average, $104,050 per year.

The head coaches of DCC sports are supported by 5 assistant coaches of women’s teams and 5 assistant coaches of men’s teams. The assistant coaches for women’s teams make an average of $60,020 while the ones for men’s team make about $63,813 a year. Note, the individual salary of coaches is often dependent on the team they coach.

DCC Sports Net Profit/Loss

The sports teams at DCC brought home $1,559,855 in revenue while shelling out $1,493,023 in expenses. This means the team turned a profit of $66,832, which is great since many schools have to declare a loss.


The net profit or loss can vary with each sport. For example, sports like basketball and football are often moneymakers for a school while other sports could be operating at a deficit. The chart below compares the amount of money made (or lost) for each of the men’s sports offered at DCC.


Likewise, money made for women’s athletics can vary quite a bit by sport. Here’s what the comparison looks like for women’s sports at DCC.


A Note About DCC Sports Rankings

Below we give a summary of the data we have for each sport at DCC, including rankings when the school made it to one of our Best Schools for a Sport lists. College Factual’s sports rankings are a little different than the other ones you’ll find on the Internet, since our analyses take both athletics and academics into account. This ensures that while you’re participating in sports programs at the school, you’ll also be getting a solid education.

DCC Men’s Baseball

$1,181 Net Profit/Loss
28 Team Members

The 28 players of the DCC men’s baseball team are led by a head coach and 2 assistant coaches.

The baseball program at DCC made $192,228 in revenue and spend $191,047 in expenses. That is, the program raked in a net profit of $1,181 for the school. Not all college sports teams can say that.


DCC Women’s Basketball

$0 Net Profit/Loss
15 Team Members

There are 15 players on the DCC women’s basketball team, and they are led by one head coach and 2 assistant coaches.

On the money side of things, the DCC women’s basketball program brought home $374,326 in revenue and paid out $374,326 in total expenses. So, the program broke even. It’s unfortunate that it didn’t make any money, but, then again, it didn’t lose any money either.

DCC Cross Country

DCC Men’s Cross County

$-32,241 Net Profit/Loss
4 Team Members

The 4 players of the DCC men’s cross country team are led by a head coach and an assistant coach.

The DCC men’s cross country program paid out $54,743 in expenses while making $22,502 in total revenue. Unfortunately, that means the program lost money, racking up a net loss of $-32,241.


DCC Women’s Cross Country

$6,039 Net Profit/Loss
1 Team Members

There are 1 players on the DCC women’s cross country team, and they are led by one head coach and one assistant coach.

In terms of financials, the DCC women’s cross country program paid out $13,686 in expenses and made $19,725 in total revenue. This means the program turned a profit, making $6,039 for the school. This is great since many college sports programs lose money.


DCC Women’s Softball

$11,312 Net Profit/Loss
19 Team Members

The head coach and assistant coach train and lead the 19 players of the DCC women’s softball team.

The women’s softball program at DCC made $238,362 in revenue and spend $227,050 in expenses. So, the program was a moneymaker for the school, bringing in $11,312 in net profit. Mark this down as a good thing.


DCC Volleyball

DCC Women’s Volleyball

$-28,334 Net Profit/Loss
13 Team Members

The 13-member women’s volleyball team at DCC is kept in shape by one head coach and one assistant coach.

The women’s volleyball program at DCC made $72,493 in revenue and spent $100,827 in expenses. This is a bit of a downer since it means that the program lost money, $-28,334 to be exact.


Notes & References

It’s possible that you may not find your favorite sport on this page, since we only include those sports on which we have data.

More about our data sources and methodologies.

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