What Del State Fin Aid Are You Eligible For?

The sum total of attendance at Del State can appear overwhelming, but remember that the majority of students receive some form of financial assistance. This can be in the form of scholarships, grants, work-study, or loans.

What financial assistance solutions does Del State offer you, and what are you going to qualify for? Keep scrolling for answers.

What Amount of Financial Aid is Offered?

Delaware State University's normal financial aid package for new first year students is $16,422. Around 94.0% of new students receive some money for college, the majority of which is in the form of scholarships and grants.

College Discounts

A financial aid package contains loans, grants, and scholarships. However, student loans must be paid back, so they aren't a genuine college discount.

What About Student Loans?

Student debt should be thought of as an "outcome" instead of "aid". Find more about student loan debt at Del State.

How Much Del State Aid Is Offered That Won't Put Me in Debt?

The numbers below apply to grants and scholarships primarily provided by Delaware State University.

62.0% of new students (625 total) were offered scholarships at Delaware State University, averaging $6,659 per student. This puts it in the top 40th percentile of all schools in the country.

707 first year students were awarded federal grant aid. A total of 70.0% of Del State first years obtained grants around $4,101 per person.

The chart below shows the average amount of scholarship and grant aid given to all freshmen.

What's the Difference Between Scholarships & Grants?

Grants are normally based on need while scholarships are based on merit or ability.

Financial Aid per Family Income

The below chart demonstrates grant and scholarship distributions by family income for first year students getting any form of federal Title IV assistance, such as Federal PLUS loans.

Income LevelPercent of FreshmanAverage Assistance
Income 0-30k15.3%$10,785
Income 30k-48k6.6%$9,937
Income 48k-75k5.0%$7,768
Income 75k-110k4.0%$6,130
Income 110k +2.2%$6,273
Title IV Aid

Financial aid from the government through loans, grants, and work-study is referred to as Title IV aid. Get more info on Title IV here..

Scholarships & Grants for All Undergrads Average $10,110

Of the 4,208 undergraduates at Delaware State University around 78.0% (3,268 in total) obtain some sort of grant aid. The typical amount awarded was $10,110.

Looking for Detail About Tuition and Fees Costs?

Visit the Tuition and Fees page or the Cost Per Credit Hour page for more info.

Financial Aid Links from Delaware State University

Financial Aid Department Websitewww.desu.edu/financialaid
Net Price Calculatorwww.desu.edu/npc

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