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What Haskell Indian Nations University Fin Aid Are You Eligible For?

Financial assistance, in the form of scholarships, loans, and work-study is the way colleges lower the expense of attendance so many students can actually afford to attend.

The amount of financial assistance and scholarships or grants you can get varies based on your circumstances. Keep reading to learn more to help you to know just how much aid and scholarships to expect from Haskell Indian Nations University.

Financial Aid for First Years Unknown

Unfortunately, we can't provide you with details on education funding accessible to incoming freshman students from Haskell Indian Nations University, because that information is not available. This might be because the school does not serve typical students but rather focuses on adult learners. If you carry on scrolling, we might have some information below that applies to all undergraduates.

Bringing Down the Cost of College

Financial aid helps lower the cost, or the full retail price of the college. However, be aware that the only real college discount are scholarships & grants.

What About Student Loans?

A college loan is not a true college discount, but rather an additional cost consideration. Find out how much student loan debt from Haskell Indian Nations University you could end up taking on.

Grants & Scholarships for First Years Not Known

Scholarship and grant information for freshmen attending Haskell Indian Nations University is not available to us. This could be because the school attracts mainly adult learners. If you keep reading, we might report some information below specific to all undergraduates.

The graph underneath displays the usual level of scholarship and grant aid given to all freshmen.

What's the Difference Between Scholarships & Grants?

Grants are usually based on need while scholarships are merit-based.

Financial Aid per Family Income

Information on grant and scholarship opportunities based on income level for Haskell Indian Nations University students is not available to us.

The Standard Undergraduate Who Gets a Grant or Scholarship Obtains $6,518

Of the 733 undergraduates at Haskell Indian Nations University around 89.0% (650 in total) obtain some form of grant aid. The average number given was $6,518. The most of which are in the form of Pell Grants.

Looking for Detail About Tuition and Fees Costs?

Check out the Tuition and Fees page or the Cost Per Credit Hour page for details.

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