Colleges Graduating the Most Students With Degrees in Computer & Information Sciences: Great Lakes. (page 1 of 25)


This ranking of the Most Popular colleges for the Computer & Information Sciences field is based solely on the number of yearly graduations, not quality. However, the most popular schools must be doing something right. Attending one of these colleges or universities would ensure you are surrounded by large number of like-minded students. It also may indicate a school who devotes a lot of resources to the department.

The graduating class of 2016 produced 76,108 freshly minted Computer & Information Sciences graduates nationwide, from across 1,603 colleges and universities.

Individual schools graduated as few as 1 and as many as 2,683, with an average-sized graduating class of about 47.

Review the list below to find those schools with the most popular programs in the field, based on the number of annual graduates.

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