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Building Management & Inspection Overview

Between drywall, roofing, flooring, insulation and painting, there are many variables that are needed to construct a building. While studying Building Management and Inspection you will combine the two focuses of management and trade skills. The trade skill aspect will educate students on the process and materials involved in construction, in addition to creating and analyzing construction plans and drawings. The management aspect will prepare student to manage a team and run a construction operation, by enforcing time management and safety.

There are many concentrations within this major; they include Insulator, Roofer, Glazier, Drywall Installation, Concrete Finishing, Building/Property Maintenance, Building/Construction Site Manager, Carpet, Floor, and Tile Worker, Roofer, and Building Construction Technology. While focusing on these concentrations, you will be taking courses in basic maintenance and repair, mold preparation, electrical and mechanical systems, building codes, and site preparation and layout. This major is typically offered as an associate's or certificate.

Required Skills

Individuals who are interested in this major should possess strong communication skills. You will be working in teams and managing others, therefore efficient oral and written skills are necessary for the success of projects.

Problem solving skills and creative thinking will aid you in resolving unpredictable complications during projects. If you are interested in pursuing this major, students are advised to take prior courses in English, drafting, math, and business. Most programs require students to acquire an internship in order to gain work experience and to learn the fundamentals first hand.


A degree in Building Management & Inspection allows students to enter into a variety of positions. If you are interested in management and inspection, consider careers as a Construction Manager, Construction and Building Inspector, or Property Manager. Managers oversee the building site and ensure that safety precautions are being followed, in addition to meeting deadlines. These managers are in high demand, and the field is expected to grow in the next ten years. A building inspector determines if construction, changes, and repairs comply with codes and regulations. The job outlook for these professionals is growing faster than average.

If you do not wish to manage others, you can look for jobs as a roofer, dry waller, insulator, glazier, or metal building assembler. These individuals work on one aspect of the construction, whereas the managers oversee the entire site. The demand for these individuals is high, due to increased construction.

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Example Careers

Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Building Management & Inspection might open up.

Carpet Installers
Cement Masons and Concrete Finishers
Civil Engineering Technicians
Construction and Building Inspectors
Drywall and Ceiling Tile Installers
First-Line Supervisors of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers
First-Line Supervisors of Housekeeping and Janitorial Workers
Floor Layers, Except Carpet, Wood, and Hard Tiles
Floor Sanders and Finishers
Insulation Workers, Floor, Ceiling, and Wall
Insulation Workers, Mechanical
Maintenance and Repair Workers, General
Manufactured Building and Mobile Home Installers
Painters, Construction and Maintenance
Solar Photovoltaic Installers
Structural Iron and Steel Workers
Terrazzo Workers and Finishers
Tile and Marble Setters
Salary data is estimated by College Factual using 2013 data provided by PayScale.
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