Electrical & Power Transmission Installers
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Electrical & Power Transmission Installers Overview

Electricity and electrical power makes possible our modern lifestyles. Where would we be without electrically powered heating, lighting, cell phone chargers and emergency devices? A major in Electrical & Power Transmission Installation prepares you to work with indoor and outdoor residential, commercial, and industrial electrical systems, and associated power transmission lines.

This major involves the study of electricity as well as technical skills. Students take various courses in safety, transformers, power distribution, electrical theory, wiring insulation and grounding, and schematic blueprint interpretation. These classes will help students prepare for on-the-job training and work. This major is typically offered as a certificate and an associate's degree.

Required Skills

While studying Electrical & Power Transmission Installation, student will need to have strong problem solving skills. Complications can occur when working with technology, therefore creative and patient individuals will do well within this major. Safety is a major issue; student will be required to follow strict guidelines, in order to prevent danger to others and themselves. Most programs require internships in order to gain work experience and to learn the fundamentals first hand.


Graduates with a degree in Electrical & Power Transmission Installation have the opportunity to enter into a few different professions. They could become electrical engineers and work with all different kinds of power grids, ranging from computers, to telephones and cars construction. Another option is to become an electrical power-line installer working with electrical power or distribution systems by installing and repairing cable or wires. Some other jobs graduates find work in are building inspectors, first-line supervisors of installers, repairers, and mechanics. The job outlook for this profession is positive and is expected to grow faster than average.

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