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International Education Overview

Have you always been interested in learning about the educational systems in place around the world? Are you interested in learning why some countries outperform others in the educational field? A major in International Education will give you the ability to learn about different educational systems around the world and make an impact on many children's lives. You will get the chance to examine data on how and why some schools perform better than others in order to implement changes in curriculum and policy. Be prepared to explore various opinions, worldviews and cultures to get a better understanding of how learning works in different countries. You will study different research methods and teaching styles while exploring international policy.

Courses that you may be required to take could include: research methods, country specific studies, area specific studies, cross national studies, teaching courses, educational policy and development, and data and analysis, statistics, sociology.

Required Skills

This focus is great for a person with a worldly outlook on life. If you are excited about different countries and cultures and you want to learn from them this is great major for you. Some programs may require travel abroad to get a firsthand experience of the different practices. You need to have an open mind and be willing to work with both people and data. This major allows many doors to open you have the opportunity to work in leadership roles as well as planning positions. It is important to hone organizational skills as well as leadership and group management skills.

It is imperative to have an inquisitive personality and never settle until you have the answer. You should have the desire to truly understand different countries and cultures. The next step is to take that data and learn from it. You will be the liaison between the research and the school districts. You have the power to make our American educational system stronger and more effective.


There is a wide range of careers you can enter after earning this degree. This includes teaching, policy and evaluation, administration, and research roles. You have the ability to work for private and public schools, governmental institutions, businesses, and different foundations. Most jobs will require a master's degree in international education and time spent abroad working in education. Salaries will vary depending on what area of the world you find work in.

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