Construction Engineering Technology
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Construction Engineering Technology Overview

Do you ever wonder how skyscrapers are constructed? Or how buildings are able to withstand major storms and hold massive amounts of weight? A major in Construction Engineering Technology will show you how to use basic engineering standards and technical skills in order to assist engineers and professionals in planning the construction of structures and other buildings. Students studying Construction Engineering Technology will learn how to read blueprints, gain knowledge of construction fundamentals and safety regulations, understand land and environmental concerns, and learn how to supervise teams.

While studying this major, your course load will include Construction materials and systems, Electrical systems, Reinforced concrete design, and Computer-integrated construction. These classes will enhance your knowledge of this field. This major is offered as an Associate's Degree, but in some schools be found as a Bachelors.

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Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Construction Engineering Technology might open up.

Civil Engineering Technicians
Construction Managers
Cost Estimators
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