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Majoring in Housing and Human Environment will allow you to learn how to meet the needs of people seeking housing and spaces for work, recreation, or living. You will learn about social, economic, and functional aspects of spaces. Your classes will teach you about housing as a product, a service, an environment, and a shelter for diverse populations. You will understand the process of adequately, accessibly, and affordably finding housing for many different people to meet their specific needs. Your education will teach to plan, design, furnish, and equip spaces effectively. This major will teach you the difference between physical structures, but also the design of buildings for different populations.

Another important aspect of this major is following and administering public policy. Students will gain knowledge in needs assessment; financing, federal, state, and local housing programs; housing policy; and property management. Your coursework will build your knowledge and confidence as you take classes in graphic design, architecture, art, accounting, design history, building technology, economics, ergonomics, interior design, facility planning, management, sales, and sociology.

Concentrations within this major include: Housing and Human Environments; Facilities Planning and Management; and Home Furnishing and Equipment Installers.

Many of your projects, both in college and in your career, will involve working with others on a team. Patience and collaboration is important when working with your teammates and clients. Develop your communication skills in writing, public speaking and media. Critical reading and thinking will also be important when conducting research and applying knowledge to problems.

Students who excel in this major tend to love people and enjoy interactions with many different personalities. You should be comfortable in the leadership role and take initiative to get a job done. Having both a persuasive and influential personality will work in your favor. A career in housing will allow you to impact the community by helping others. Patience, care and organization will be helpful when completing community service projects.


There are many different career paths you can take with a housing degree. This program is very interdisciplinary and the career path you take will depend on your interests and background. Some of the more common career choices are Residential Property Management or Design. Other careers that might interest you are a Housing Counselor, Relocation Counselor, Leasing Agent, Kitchen and Bath Designer, or Home Insurance Agent.

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Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Housing might open up.

Farm and Home Management Advisors
Interior Designers
Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners
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