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Celtic Language & Literature Overview

A major in Celtic Language & Literature focuses on the historical and modern languages of the Celtic people. These modern languages include Irish, Scots Gaelic, Breton, and Welsh and have been spoken throughout the British Isles, Asia Minor, and Continental Europe. Students majoring in this program will learn the dialects and pidgins, philology, linguistics, and literate of the Celtic Languages. While perusing this major, students will take courses in Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Languages, European History, Celtic Religion, and Celtic Art.

Required Skills

An open mind and love for storytelling are good traits to have in order to fully appreciate and grasp the many folktales and myths associated with Celtic culture. Much of the culture and history of ancient Celtic populations was passed down by word of mouth. An ear for languages, patience and determination are essential for students to master pronunciation.

Students can prepare for this major while still in high school by taking World History, Intro to Language courses, World Religion, and English. There are opportunities for study abroad programs at some institutions. This would allow student to practice their lingual skills and experience the culture first hand.


There are a few different career paths you can peruse with a degree in Celtic Language and Literature. One option is to become a Translator or Interpreter. These individuals are the bridge of communication between two cultures. With the growing demand for worldwide business and travel, these individuals are in higher demand. You may also find opportunities to teach literature, history, or language. Careers involving writing are another popular option for graduates.

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