Foreign Language, Literature & Linguistics (Other)
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Foreign Language, Literature & Linguistics (Other) Overview

Does the study of languages fascinate you? Do you know a second language and want to help better understand the use of language throughout the world or want to help others in their native country? Although many schools offer foreign language, literature and linguistics majors, some institutions offer highly specialized programs that cater to very specific needs.

This is where the “other" part of this major comes from. For example, the University of Hawaii at Manoa offers a program in Second Language Studies. This program examines how people use and learn second or third languages, setting you up to continue as a language professional or researcher. As a second example, Clemson University offers a few specialized language programs - one in Language and International Trade and Language and International Health. Both are combinations of existing majors that have a special concentration in trade or public health.

If you are looking for something a bit more unique than simply being a translator or interpreter, check out the list of popular schools in the foreign language, literature and linguists “other" category.

Required Skills

No matter the specific major you decide on, all students who major in foreign language, literature or linguistics will need an attention to detail to successfully speak and interpret other languages. A love of reading and joy in communicating with others will also help you. A curious and creative nature will take you far in this field.

Coursework in the culture, history, literature and norms of the language you are learning will round out your experience and better put the language into context.


Because of the specialized nature of these majors, you will be looking at a highly specific career. Many graduates of this major become foreign language teachers, tutors, interpreters or writers. Careers in international business and health will continue to see strong demand with continued push for a world economy. Travel may be involved. Salary for these types of positions will vary wildly based on the experience and education you've received.

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