Slavic, Baltic & Albanian Languages
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Slavic, Baltic & Albanian Languages Overview

Eastern Europe is a diverse place full of culture and a multitude of languages. A study in Slavic, Baltic and Albanian Languages will allow you an understanding of the different languages of the Eastern countries of Europe.

There are many different concentrations within this major. They include Baltic, Russian, Albanian, Czech, Polish, Slovak, Ukrainian, and Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian Languages and Literatures. After selecting one of these concentrations you will be instructed in philology, literature, dialects, and applications to business, science, and technology. While majoring in one of these concentrations, you will be taking courses in Beginner, Intermediate, and advanced language course, History of Poland, The Social Dynamics of Russian, History of Eastern Europe, and World Religion.

Required Skills

An ear for languages is a must when differentiating between different dialects, vocabulary and accents. Students should have an interest and appreciation for Eastern European culture and history.

To prepare for this major, students are advised to take are World Religion, Intro Language courses, World History, and World Government. There are opportunities for study abroad programs at some institutions. This would allow student to practice their lingual skills and experience the culture first hand.


Majoring in Slavic, Baltic & Albanian Languages can lead to many different career opportunities. If you are interested in teaching, you could find work in Postsecondary and Adult Education. You would have the opportunity to teach Slavic, Baltic or Albanian dialect, along with culture and history. Another option is to become a translator, which are currently in high demand. If you are interested in Foreign Service, you can become a Foreign Service Officer. These officers endorse American business and political interest and give information and aid about their countries to the U.S policymakers. They arrange cultural exchanges, and help Americans travel abroad. The job outlook for these officers is growing at the average rate as other occupations in the U.S.

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Foreign Language and Literature Teachers, Postsecondary
Interpreters and Translators
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