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Health Sciences & Services Overview

If you would like to work with others to ensure health and wellness, consider majoring in Health Sciences and Services.

A degree in Health Sciences and Services will prepare you to pursue an advanced degree in the medical profession or give you the skills and training to work in health services. You will take classes in chemistry, biology, health care systems, psychology, public health, anatomy and physiology, and health services administration to introduce you to the Health Sciences field and help you decide the career you would like to pursue after graduation.

Students have the choice to major in general Health Sciences and Services, or specialize in an area such as Health and Wellness, or Chiropractic.

Required Skills

Health Sciences and Services are rooted in science, making a background in subjects such as biology and chemistry helpful. Students who are successful in this career often have strong analytical skills and are detail oriented so they can listen to patients and analyze symptoms to help with recovery. Since you will be working closely with others, strong interpersonal and empathy skills are also required.

A degree in Health Sciences and Services usually leads to a fulltime career in the medical field. Students with a bachelor's or master's degree and technical training will be able to work in care administration or other public health services, while those who pursue a doctorate work as a variety of doctors and care givers. Health Sciences and Services professionals typically work normal work hours, however they may be on call at nights and on weekends.

Students interested in the Health Sciences and Services field should pursue an internship, summer job, or summer field camp position to learn more about the field. You will be able to work closely with public health professionals and learn what types of careers are available to you.

Along with additional schooling, some health care providers must be licensed by the state. It is suggested that you check with the state you want to work in to ensure you are fulfilling all requirements to practice medicine.


Graduates with a degree in Health Sciences and Services follow many different paths, while some continue to medical school to become chiropractors, trainers, or other doctors, others students pursue careers as paramedics or work as health administrators or in information technology. With the majority of the population aging, there is a demand for more medicine professionals. This is causing the career to grow faster than average. Well-trained health service professionals will always be in demand.

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Community Health Workers
Health Educators
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