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There are many different beliefs both spiritually and morally throughout the world. A degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies allows students to take a deeper look into these important aspects of culture while developing critical thinking and reasoning skills.

Classes in topics such as history, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, world religions, literature, classics, and theology allows students to gain knowledge across multiple disciplines while improving critical thinking and writing skills. These classes will allow you to dig deeper into finding answers to philosophical questions and learning how religions developed and shaped the world.

There are a variety of disciplines within the Philosophy and Religious Studies field. Students are able to major in General Philosophy and Religion, or simply Philosophy. Students who are interested in religion or theology can choose to major in Religious Studies. Some universities provide additional opportunities to choose concentrations in various subjects, such as Ethics, Christianity, Judaism, and more.

Required Skills

Graduates with a degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies pursue careers in a variety of fields, but many find themselves working the humanitarian fields, placing a strong emphasis on interpersonal skills. Students should be good communicators and enjoy working with other people. A background in history and a passion for different cultures, religions, and viewpoints will help make students successful.


A degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies opens up many career opportunities. Since you will take classes in a variety of disciplines and improve your critical thinking and communication skills, this degree can lead to job possibilities across many industries. Typically, graduates tend to go into humanitarian careers, but graduates also end up working as pastors, lawyers, teachers, politicians or counselors.

Since this degree opens up many job possibilities, it is difficult to give an overall job outlook. However, for the most part, graduates with a degree in the Philosophy and Religious Studies field are in occupations with an average to lower than average growth rate.

Graduates with a degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies earn average starting and mid-career salaries of $37,499 and $69,541.


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