Philosophy & Religious Studies (Other)
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Philosophy & Religious Studies (Other) Overview

Philosophy and Religious Studies is an inter-disciplinary field that allows students to learn about the varying beliefs and customs around the world. Classes in archaeology, history, ethics, literature, world religions, and sociology introduce students to different cultures and teach them to understand how these cultures have been shaped by spiritual and moral beliefs.

While students typically major in general Philosophy, or well-known areas like Judaism, Hinduism, and Christianity, some students prefer to specialize in niche subjects. Some colleges allow students to take classes in Vodou, Wicca, and other lesser-known religions. These unique classes give you the opportunity to focus on the area of Philosophy and Religious Studies you are most passionate about.

Required Skills

Graduates with a degree in the different types of Philosophy and Religious Studies often go on to work in humanitarian careers, placing a strong emphasis on interpersonal skills. It is recommended that students who decide to pursue a degree in this field have strong communications skills and enjoy working with other people. Students who excel in this field often enjoy history and learning about the cultural and spiritual differences among people.

Since a degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies may lead to any number of career paths, there is no standard work environment for those who major in this field. Generally, students pursue jobs in humanitarian professions, which are often full time positions, but can vary. It is best to find a summer job, internship, or co-op in the job you wish to go into so you can learn more about the work environment and any extra schooling or certification you may need.


A degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies prepares students for a career in many different fields. Graduates have gone on to earn law degrees, become politicians, work in sales or marketing, teach as professors, or work as religious leaders. The critical thinking and communication skills you will gain while working towards this degree will make you a valued asset to a company in any industry. The job outlook and growth rate vary depending on the type of job you pursue. However, most careers Philosophy and Religious Studies majors go into are growing at an average or less than average rate, making job hunting competitive for recent graduates.

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Philosophy and Religion Teachers, Postsecondary
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