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Religious Studies Overview

Are you interested in the different beliefs that have shaped cultures throughout history? A degree in Religious Studies will introduce you to world religions while improving critical thinking and writing skills.

Religious Studies majors have the ability to prepare for a variety of professions by taking classes in philosophy, literature, history, world religions, sociology, theology, and more. This liberal arts education gives students knowledge in a wide array of areas while concentrating on world beliefs, ethics, and traditions.

Along with the option to major in general Religious Studies, students are able to specialize in areas such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, or Jewish Studies. Additional opportunities to specialize may be available at select universities. Any one of these major will provide you will a strong background in the beliefs and values of different cultures around the world.

Required Skills

Classes in Religious Studies helps students improve critical thinking skills. Students should be able to analyze different texts, provide logical reasoning to arguments, and give sound explanations to their viewpoints. This major will also help improve your writing skills allowing you to communicate more effectively. Since many graduates pursue a degree working with others, strong interpersonal skills are often required for a career in this field.

Religious Studies graduates pursue jobs in a variety of fields meaning there is no standard work environment. Typically, graduates work full time jobs in an office setting, but this can vary. Advanced education and certification also varies for Religious Studies graduates. It is best to look into the career you intend to pursue to ensure you are fulfilling necessary requirements for that field.

A summer job or internship is not always necessary but will be beneficial. This will allow you to get real world experience and decide what type of job you would like to go into following graduation.


A degree in Religious Studies prepares students for a career in numerous fields. In addition to work as a minister or religious teacher, graduates have gone on to be lawyers, politicians, professors, and writers. Since this degree equips students with strong critical thinking and writing skills, graduates are an asset to companies in a variety of industries.

The job outlook for Religious Studies graduates depends on the career path they choose to follow. Generally, most jobs graduates pursue are growing at an average rate causing some competition for graduates after graduation.

Graduates with a degree in Religious Studies earn an average starting salary of $36,955 and mid-career salary of $72,243.

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Area, Ethnic, and Cultural Studies Teachers, Postsecondary
Philosophy and Religion Teachers, Postsecondary
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