Precision Production (Other)
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Precision Production (Other) Overview

Besides metal and woodworking, there are other precision production careers out there. As precision production deals with the production of goods using precision tools and methods to create products, a number of other opportunities exist within the precision production field.

For example, upholstery, leather workers, and shoemakers would fit into this category of precision production. Upholsterers are responsible for making, repairing and maintaining upholstery for furniture or vehicles. Leather workers may design and create leather products like shoes and clothing. Shoemakers do just that - make comfortable shoes for you to wear.

Courses in precision production will deal with mathematics and design related to your choice of career. Most precision production careers will start by an apprenticeship in order to teach the hands-on skills needed to be successful. Vocational schools will teach you the necessary skills while offering apprenticeships to ensure your success.

Required Skills

In addition to specialized training related to your career, you will also need to have a basic set of skills common to the precision production field. Attention to detail is critical as you will be making items by hand with a limited set of tools. The more you pay attention to details the better you will be at your craft.

You will also need to have some physical traits like strength and dexterity. Depending on your career, you may be responsible for lifting or positioning heavy or bulky items. Dexterity comes in when using the hand tools to create your products. Precision production work is laborious and interactive. There's no relying on others to get your work done, so self-reliance and motivation are important skills to have as well.


Salaries for precision production workers will vary greatly depending on the industry you are in, the years of experience you have and the products you produce. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for an upholsterer is just over $33,000 per year while shoemakers are closer to $27,000 per year. Precision production is a bit of a lost art form with a large number of people entering the science and technology fields. Precision production workers are a necessary part of our culture and important to maintaining our way of life.

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