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Are you interested in the field of manufacturing and love to build things? Precision Production could be the field for you. Whether you like working with metal, wood, or leather, this major is for any type of craftsman.

A program in Precision Production will provide students with the technical knowledge and skill to develop products using precision manufacturing and illustration. The two main majors in the field are Precision Metal Working and Woodworking. Some of the courses you can expect to take are drawing digital design course, welding, tool-and-die making, and furniture design. This program is commonly seen as a certification or Associate's degree.

Required Skills

Students who go into this field should be comfortable with basic math, geometry and computer skills. You will be constantly measuring items and need to be careful with details. Problem solving skills will help you resolve complications in projects.

Because this is a hands-on job, it requires physical strength and stamina. You will be working on-site, lifting heavy materials and working long hours. Apprenticeships make up part of most of these programs. Students are paired up with professionals in the field to learn while doing.


Your career options will be determined by what concentration you chose. Graduates of Precision Metal Working can find jobs as structural iron and steel workers, welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers, sheet metal workers, machinist, and tool and die maker. These are professionals who link metal parts and use hand-held welding equipment to fill indentions or holes of metal products. The job outlook for these professionals is growing faster than average.

Woodworking majors become woodworkers, carpenters, construction laborers and helpers, and construction managers. Construction laborers and helpers do basic tasks on the construction site that required physical labor. Theses professionals commonly work fulltime, although bad weather can affect working conditions. The field of woodworking and carpentry is growing faster than average.

Your salary will depend on what career you go into and what part of the country you work in. However, an average starting salary for someone with a degree in Precision Production is $40,474 with a mid-career salary of $62,569.


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    (bachelor) 32
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