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Machines and appliances break down all the time. When it's something like a microwave it may not have too much of an impact, but when machinery breaks down in a factory, hospital or power plant, this requires immediate action. Mechanic and Repair Technicians serve invaluable and necessary functions in everyday life, and their skills are always in demand.

A program in Mechanic and Repair Technologies will prepare students to learn the technical knowledge and skill to maintenance, replace parts, adjust, and repair tools, equipment, and machines. Some of the majors in the field are Electronic Maintenance and Repair; Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation & Refrigeration (HVACR); Industrial Equipment Maintenance; and Vehicle Maintenance & Repair. While studying in this field, you will be taking courses in blueprint reading, electronics, mechanical drawing, electricity fundamentals, and semiconductor devices. This program is often completed as a certificate, however can be earned as an associate's degree in some cases.

Required Skills

If you have a curiosity for how things work and enjoy learning how to fix things, you would be well- suited for this major. Most programs require student to acquire an apprenticeships in order to gain work experience and learn basic skills hands-on. This means you will divide your time between work in the field and hours spent in the classroom.

Problem solving is an essential skill to possess for this program. It is your job to diagnose and repair complex problems with machinery. Students should also take care to develop customer-service skills. This will help you in a career in communicating with clients.


An individual who completes a program in Mechanic and Repair Technologies has the opportunity to enter into a variety of career paths working with various machinery or vehicles. You could become an electronic engineering technician and help engineers design and develop electrical devices. Another field is in home appliance installation and repairs. A more in-demand position would be a heavy vehicle and mobile equipment service technician. These professionals maintain, repair, and inspect vehicles and machinery in transportation, construction, and other industries. Other jobs include diesel service technicians, vehicle mechanics and more.

The average starting salary for someone with a degree in this field is $37,863 with a mid-career salary of $63,351.


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  • Yearly Graduations
    (online) 869
    (associate) 20,938
    (bachelor) 304
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Electronics Maintenance & Repair Average N/AN/A
Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation & Refrigeration Average N/AN/A
Heavy/Industrial Equipment Maintenance High N/AN/A
Mechanic & Repair Tech (Other) Low N/AN/A
Mechanics & Repairers Low N/AN/A
Precision Systems Maintenance Low N/AN/A
Vehicle Maintenance & Repair High N/AN/A

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