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The field of Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, and Firefighting is an important one and has been in high demand since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This field allows you to be trained in a variety of national defense areas, preparing you for work protecting your country and fellow citizens.

There are a few different majors you can pursue in this field. Criminal Justice and Corrections will teach you about prison life, drug trafficking, and law, preparing you for work with criminals and the reformation system. A major in Fire Protection will provide training on preventing and stopping fires. You can also choose to major in Homeland Security in order to learn how to prevent and respond to threats and crisis internationally and domestically.

Required Skills

Leadership skills will help you during your training and in a future career. In a time of crisis, citizens will count on you to keep them safe. You must be able to respond quickly and appropriately in emergency situations and thrive when under. Interpersonal skills will help you work with all types of people of different ages and backgrounds. Be ready to listen to the concerns and advice of others, and also be able to explain laws and policies.

Most of the classes in this field are centered on science, math, government and law. Students should be comfortable with their math and science skills and ready to discuss potentially controversial subjects in the classroom. This rigorous major may also include physical training to prepare you to react in dangerous situations.


Depending on your major focus, you will be able to work in numerous fields. Graduates find work in fields like fraud detection, medicine, human resources, civil rights, intelligence, science and technology, facilities, and procurement. You will also be prepared for law enforcement careers in the areas of border security, head of state, protection of the President, interagency law enforcement training, and infrastructure security. If interested in prevention and response careers, you can find jobs protecting the public and the environment as a U.S. Coast Guard member or firefighter. Some career choices may require additional education or training.

Salary will different depending on your career choice and level of training. However, the reported average starting salary for Homeland Security graduates is $35,375 with a mid-career salary of $59,539.


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    (online) 34,062
    (associate) 8,964
    (bachelor) 62,731
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