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Biblical Studies Overview

As the most widely read and best selling book in history, the Bible is an important piece of literature. It is the basis for the faith of many and provides everything from an explanation of how the earth was created to setting up laws to live by. As a Biblical Studies major, you will analyze this text and the role it has played in history and the development of cultures.

Students take classes in biblical archaeology, literature, history, the Christian Bible, Jewish Bible, and Talmud to develop an understanding of the text and learn the many ways it can be interpreted. This religious text has played an immeasurable role in the development of the Western world and this major will allow you to explore the messages it holds for leading a moral and spiritual life.

Required Skills

Students majoring in Biblical Studies are expected to be able to interpret the text, pull out important messages and analyze based on historical context. Critical thinking and analytical skills are crucial in this process. Since this major generally leads to a career as a religious leader, students should have strong interpersonal and communication skills. Students also typically have a background in history and religious studies.

Biblical Studies majors generally pursue careers in ministry. Those who work in religious fields may have to work weekends and long hours. You will be expected to lead religious groups during the week and on weekends along with counseling church members or performing religious ceremonies.

Students interested in pursuing a Biblical Studies degree should spend time volunteering year round both in school and during the summer. Some students decide to spend time doing missionary work or social services. This can be done in the U.S. or abroad. Many churches require pastors to become ordained before serving. This is also a requirement to perform certain ceremonies such as officiating a marriage.


Graduates with a degree in Biblical Studies often go into careers that are based in religion. These include being a religious leader, pastor, theologian, chaplain, counselor, or church director. However, some graduates have pursued careers outside the religious field as professors, writers, and members of non-profit organizations. While this degree provides you with a deep understanding of the Bible, the critical thinking and analytical skills you acquire will allow you to find other jobs not necessarily rooted in religion. Depending on the career you wish to pursue, jobs are growing at an average to slower than average pace. Graduates may face competition when looking for jobs after graduation. Salary will vary depending on your chosen profession.

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Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Biblical Studies might open up.

Directors, Religious Activities and Education
Philosophy and Religion Teachers, Postsecondary
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