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Missionary Studies Overview

If you are passionate about your faith and would like to spend your time spreading the word and evangelizing, consider majoring in Missionary Studies.

Missionary Studies majors take classes in world religions, cultural anthropology, evangelism, theology, foreign language, and contemporary issues to prepare for a career as a missionary. You will study the Bible and learn the skills to preach your faith and spread it to other cultures.

Required Skills

Students who decide to pursue Missionary Studies often do so in order to devote their lives to evangelism. This major places a strong emphasis on interpersonal and communications skills; you must be able to explain the word of God to others clearly and expose others to your faith in a non-confrontational manner. Since many missions are done overseas, students should be proficient in a foreign language so they can communicate effectively with other cultures and spread their faith.

A degree in Missionary Studies prepares students to work full time as a missionary as well as other professions in the religious field. This is often a life commitment and much more than a 40-hour workweek job. Students should be passionate about this field and willing to make it their life calling

If you think you may be interested in Missionary Studies, it is recommended that you go on some short-term missionary trips. This will allow you to learn evangelistic skills and get hands-on experience spreading your faith. This experience will also allow you to decide if this is what you would like to devote your life to.


Graduates often become missionaries following graduation. You will lead trips either within the United States or overseas. This degree will prepare you for a position of leadership within your church group.

Missionaries may work either independently or with a church group. Many raise their own funds to take trips or live in areas where they feel a calling. Some graduates may also work for non-profit organizations or churches. Most people choose this job due to a sense of calling, and positions are often not high-paying.

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Directors, Religious Activities and Education
Philosophy and Religion Teachers, Postsecondary
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