Theological & Ministerial Studies
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Theological & Ministerial Studies Overview

Do you enjoy speaking to large groups of people? Do you have a strong faith and enjoy spreading the word of God? A degree in Theological and Ministerial Studies may be for you.

While the theology part of this field allows you to learn about religion and the role it plays in everyday life, the ministerial part prepares students to attend a seminary or other religious program to become ordained as a minister or religious leader. You will take classes in biblical studies, religious studies, philosophy, sociology, history, literature, anthropology, and foreign languages to prepare for a career within the church.

If you are interested in learning about world religions, you may want to major in general Theological Studies. However, some colleges offer areas of specialization that include Divinity/Ministry, Pre-Theology Studies, Rabbinical Studies, and Talmudic Studies. These areas allow you to focus on the aspect of theology and ministry you are most passionate about.

Required Skills

Students who choose to pursue a career as a minister or religious leader should have strong interpersonal and communication skills. You will be expected to speak in front of large groups as well as counsel individuals.

A degree in this field often leads to a full time job in a variety of fields. While those who wish to become ordained will be expected to attend religious ceremonies on the weekends and during the week along with their other responsibilities, graduates who pursue a different career may work more typical work hours. The work environment varies depending on the occupation you pursue.

Theological and Ministerial Studies students should pursue an internship or summer job or volunteer with their church or congregation. This will give students experience working for a religious group and help them decide which career path they want to follow.


Graduates with a degree in in Theological and Ministerial Studies have gone into a variety of fields. While those focusing on Ministerial Studies usually go on to become ordained as religious leaders, other Theological graduates are counselors, teachers, lawyers, church administrators, and healthcare professionals. This field is growing at an average rate.

Theological and Ministerial Studies graduates earn average starting and mid-career salaries of $32,533 and $47,470, respectively.

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Example Careers

Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Theological & Ministerial Studies might open up.

Philosophy and Religion Teachers, Postsecondary
Religious Workers, All Other
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