Crafts, Folk Art & Artisanry
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Crafts, Folk Art & Artisanry Overview

If you enjoy using your hands to create unique works of art, the Crafts, Folk Art, and Artisanry major is for you.

Students working towards this degree learn different techniques that allow them to work with materials such as glass, pottery, wood, and textiles to create one of a kind crafts to be sold. You will take a variety of specialized classes in art history, ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpting, woodworking and more to improve your skills and learn the history and methods of varying types of handcrafts.

Required Skills

Craft, Folk Art, and Artisanry professionals are often extremely creative and are able to constantly create new and unique pieces of art. A close attention to detail and passion for perfection helps professionals craft high quality products that are desired by collectors and art enthusiasts. Most students in this field have previous experience and skill in crafts, art, and artisanry.

Careers in Crafts, Folk Art, and Artisanry are both full and part time. Often artists have another job while working on their craft. However, some artists work full time for commercial art studios or woodworking companies. Those who are full time work typical work hours, while those who are part time or self-employed work irregular hours, sometimes in the evenings or on weekends.

Professionals in the Crafts, Folk Art, and Artisanry field typically only need a high school degree. However, some craft professionals decide to pursue additional classes to sharpen skills, while woodworkers are trained on the job. A bachelor's degree may allow students to find a full time job, but often previous experience is more helpful.


Graduates who pursue careers as woodworkers often work for cabinetmakers or bench carpenters, while crafters and artisans work for glass and clay manufacturing companies, commercial art studios, or performing art studios. Other graduates are self-employed and create crafts that they sell at shows. Careers in Crafts and Folk Art are growing at a slower than average pace, while woodworking is growing at an average rate. Graduates with a degree in Crafts, Folk Art, and Artisanry may have difficulty making a living in this field without another job.

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Art, Drama, and Music Teachers, Postsecondary
Artists and Related Workers, All Other
Craft Artists
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