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Visual & Performing Arts (Other) Overview

There are many different types of Visual and Performing Arts majors. While some students may want to major in a larger field such as Dance, Music, or Theater, you may want to focus on a much smaller niche. A degree in Visual and Performing Arts, Other will allow you to specialize in a specific instrument, style of dance, or other area within this field.

You will take similar classes as others in your field, such as art, music, or theater history, music, dance, and art classes, computer science, and business courses along with classes in your specialized area of study.

Required Skills

Students who pursue careers in Visual and Performing Arts, Other are usually artistically inclined and have a skill for a certain, dance, art, or other area of performance. They are creative and have the skills to create something that has never before been seen. Visual and Performing Arts, Other students are also detail oriented, and have perseverance and discipline to continually practice and improve their skills.

The work environment for students with a degree in Visual and Performing Arts, Other varies depending on the type of career you wish to pursue. Some graduates are working for performing arts studios, while others are artists that are self-employed. There are many possibilities for students within this field.

In order to gain experience in the area of study you wish to pursue, students should work an internship or summer job. This will allow you to work along side professionals in the field and learn what skills you must gain or improve upon to be successful.


Graduates have gone into a variety of Visual and Performing Arts careers as dancers, singers, actors, or other performers for plays, cruise ships, casinos, television shows, and movies, art directors, agents, professional musicians, and cinematographers. The specific area of specialization will improve your skills in a niche within this field and make you an asset to any visual and performing arts company. Depending on the career you decide to pursue, the field is growing at an average to slower than average rate. Students with previous experience will be more competitive in the job market after graduation.

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Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Visual & Performing Arts (Other) might open up.

Art, Drama, and Music Teachers, Postsecondary
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