Most Focused Botany/Plant Biology Schools in 2020

The Colleges Most Focused on Botany/Plant Biology in the U.S.

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Improve your chances of building strong connections and expose yourself to a number of opportunities in a college most focused on your major. Click on the schools below to find out why everyone chooses to study Botany/Plant Biology there.

Listed Below are The Schools with the Highest Percentages of Botany/Plant Biology Students

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Humboldt State University is the best choice for students thinking about a Botany/Plant Biology degree. Arcata, California supplies a charming small-town atmosphere for students to grow in.

At least 53.0% of the educators at Humboldt State University have full-time hours, so they have ample time to help their students. Due to the diverse campus at Humboldt State University, you'll have lots of chances to learn from students from all cultures. For more information, check out the college scorecard.

It's difficult to beat Ohio Wesleyan University if you wish to study Botany/Plant Biology. The destination of Delaware, Ohio, is decent for learners who favor a less busy, suburban spot.

You'll get to learn about a lot of nationalities because of OWU's diverse population. OWU's men's lacrosse team is a goliath you are sure to like experiencing. Check out some school videos to explore what's happening on campus.

Any student pursuing a degree in Botany/Plant Biology needs to check out Connecticut College. Situated in New London, Connecticut, this college is right for young people who prosper in a city setting.

Students shouldn't let costs prevent them from applying to Connecticut College as 51.0% of undergraduates get some sort of financial aid. Sports lovers will love cheering on the college's top-ranked women's soccer team as they perform at home and on the road. Go on a virtual tour to learn more about Conn College.

Every student pursuing a degree in Botany/Plant Biology needs to take a look at Western New Mexico University. This is an exceptional option for students who like the style of a simple college town.

There is a grad program obtainable for students who are intrigued. On average, undergrads take on about $26,936 of student loans at Western New Mexico University. That is lower than the U.S. average of $28,421. Videos from Western New Mexico University are a good way to explore university.

Miami University - Oxford is among your top options if you want to study Botany/Plant Biology. This is a tremendous opportunity for students who prefer the style of a small college town.

Roughly 79.3% of the professors at this school are full-time and get normal office hours, so they tend to be more accessible to help. Miami University - Oxford has one of the best graduation rates in the nation, with 66.3% of students completing their degree in four years. Get an idea of what being on campus at Miami of Ohio is like by viewing some campus videos.

It's hard to find a better school than North Carolina State University if you want to study Botany/Plant Biology. Want a large student body? This college has over 20,000 students on campus.

Due to the school's very good on-time graduation rate of 48.1%, college students typically accumulate less debt than they would at other colleges. Graduates of this school generally don't have issues repaying their student loans; only 3.2% defaulted. A virtual tour may be a good way to find out more about North Carolina State University at Raleigh.

Any student who is interested in Botany/Plant Biology needs to look into New Mexico State University - Main Campus. The locale of Las Cruces, New Mexico, is decent for young people who opt for a less busy, suburban region.

Roughly 73.0% of the teachers at this school are full-time and get normal office hours, so they should be more accessible to help. Students shouldn't let affordability concerns prevent them from deciding on this school as 74.0% of students get some sort of school funding. Where is New Mexico State University - Main Campus doing the best? Take a look at all the college rankings.

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University of Wisconsin - Madison is among your top options if you're planning on studying Botany/Plant Biology. Placed in Madison, Wisconsin, this college is a logical final choice for students who enjoy the exhilaration of a substantial city.

International students coming from approximately 49 countries are enrolled at University of Wisconsin - Madison. Due to the diverse population at Wisconsin, you should have numerous opportunities to meet individuals from many cultures. Ever wish schools were graded with a report card? Now they are. Take a look at University of Wisconsin - Madison's scorecard.

Any student who is interested in Botany/Plant Biology needs to check out University of California - Riverside. This school is one of the largest schools in California.

About 44.0% of students submit ACT scores, with the average score being in the 24 range. Around 91.0% of freshmen come back to this school for their following year of school. If you are considering learning more, you will find every one of University of California - Riverside's rankings here.

Any student who is interested in Botany/Plant Biology has to look into Frostburg State University. Located in Frostburg, Maryland, Frostburg State provides a secure, suburban experience for college students.

The typical scholarship amount awarded to freshman students is $3,215 with 52.0% of freshman students getting an award. 60.0% of undergraduates at Frostburg State University obtain financial aid, so be sure to submit the FAFSA! Where is Frostburg State University doing the best? Take a look at all the school's rankings.

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