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Construction (Other) Overview

Students who are interested in jobs in construction usually enjoy science and math minded and like to work with their hands. This field involves the nitty-gritty of building, repair and maintenance of buildings, homes and establishments.

In addition to more common majors such as Construction, Building Management & Inspection or Electrical Power Transmission Installation, there are a number of other majors or concentrations you could pursue.

One, for example is that of Plumbing and Water Supply. This is necessary in order to have running water, protect against fires, and have proper heating and cooling systems. A major in Plumbing and Water Supply will teach you technical knowledge and skills you need to layout, install, test, and operate water and sewer systems.

Some other things students can study are Well Drilling, Insulation, Metal Building Assembly and anything else associated with building and maintaining homes, residences and commercial buildings. In addition to acquiring technical knowledge of their subject, students will also take classes in reading blueprints, physics, math, and chemistry. This major is commonly offered as a certificate, however can be taken as an associate's degree.

Required Skills

This major is for the student interested in all the details of building and repair. Students should enjoy building things and putting things together. It helps to have logical reasoning skills and competency in math and science. Attention to detail will aid you when reading blueprints and analyzing designs.

Most programs require student to complete an apprenticeship in order to gain work experience and to learn the fundamentals first hand. This typically involves working alongside a professional within the field, in addition to practice hours in the classroom.


Students who pursue a career in plumbing and water wupply will often obtain jobs as blasters, drillers, plumbers and pipefitters. Blasters use various explosive materials to aid the construction process. They work in the first stages of building to prepare the land to be constructed on. Pipefitters and plumbers install and repair pipes that carry air, water, and streams of liquid and gas throughout the buildings. Drillers operate, repair and maintain drilling equipment to develop gas, oil, and water wells. All of these professions are growing at a faster than average rate. Other jobs in this field are construction manager, insulator, building construction technician, roofer, carpenter and more.

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