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Instructional Media Design Overview

A major in Instructional Media Design will provide you with the knowledge needed to revolutionize the educational system. You will discover new ways to teach and learn how to use current and future technology in teaching and assessments. This major also prepares you to develop instructional material for online and other nontraditional methods of education. You will successfully learn how to integrate technology into educational curriculum while still coordinating with educational standards and current content.

To become certified in this field, you may be required to take courses such as advertising, computer applications, drawing, art, design, and education. This major may vary by university.

Required Skills

As a person working in education you should have a passion for empowering the youth of tomorrow. Your passion, excitement and dedication to education will lead to success in your work. Creativity is also an important trait to posses as someone who will be working on educational technology, computer applications, multimedia instruction, and web-based instruction. To design and produce educational software and materials you should also be an innovative thinker. Students will need knowledge and understanding in reaching all different types of learners.

As an instructional designer you will be in charge of balancing the work of designing programs while still connecting to state standards. You will have to be organized and efficient in making sure that these instructional methods and programs are used effectively in schools.


Depending on the focus you choose to take with a degree in instructional media design you have many possible career paths. You may become an instructional media designer, interactive media designer, digital media designer, multimedia design professional, or an instructional design specialist. This is a growing field that is essential to educational institutions as a support staff.

Another way into this field is to earn you undergraduate degree in digital media and web design to get the understanding of graphics, communications, computers, and media. You may choose to focus on instructional media design and continue on to obtain a master's degree in where you will also learn different teaching techniques to make your work more effective.

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Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Instructional Media Design might open up.

Audio-Visual and Multimedia Collections Specialists
Instructional Coordinators
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