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Education (Other) Overview

Education is a great major for those passionate about teaching. There are many different roles you can take in the educational field, including administrator, principal, school counselor, curriculum developer, tutor or reading specialist. There are a variety of educational majors that can prepare you for these diverse fields.

Depending on what you decide to specialize in and what college you choose, courses will vary. Some general educational courses may include teaching methods, philosophy of education, educational psychology, student teaching, multicultural society, and issues in education.

Required Skills

Students who desire to work in the field of education should be passionate about empowering the future generation and have an interest in their subject matter. Strong communication and interpersonal skills will be helpful as you will have to present material in front of classrooms as well as meet with teachers and administrators. Between paper-work, grading papers, and lesson planning, creativity and communication will come into play every single work day. You will need to come up with ways to implement technology into learning and get students interested in the subject. Teachers need to be organized and efficient in coming up with lesson plans, while at the same time flexible enough to adapt to changes in the classroom.


There are many careers that you can pursue when you have your degree in education. If you do not plan on taking the traditional route of a classroom teacher or administrator, you can always work developing curriculum and assessments. You can also choose to become a tutor or even a reading specialist. Or you may form a career developing educational policy, standards and tests. You have the power to choose what career path you take.

Depending on what state you teach in, you will need to become certified and complete a Master's Degree. Form an idea of what you would like as a career during your undergrad so you can take classes accordingly. Education is a very competitive field, but if you work hard you will be prepared for your dream job.

The salaries of different educational careers range depending on your specific field and your location.

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