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Iranian & Persian Languages Overview

The languages of Iran and Persia are some of the oldest languages still significant in today's world. Dating back to the ancient, medieval and now modern Iran, these languages are still spoken by 110 million people today. This program focuses on the history of Iran and its bordering regions, including Persian, Avestan/Old Persian, and other related extinct and modern languages. Students will be instructed in modern Persian and other languages in various settings including business and science/technology.

While studying this major, you will take courses in Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Language Classes, Persian Culture, Persian Mythology and Folklore, Persian Literature in Translation, and Persian Poetry.

Required Skills

Patience is an essential quality when becoming fluent in another language. Many find Iranian & Persian languages difficult to learn at first, but success will come to those with persistence. A love for history and culture is ideal for this major, as students will take many classes on the rich background of Iran and its surrounding countries.

If you are interested in pursuing this as a major, there are some things you can do while still in High School to prepare. You should try to get exposure to your chosen language by taking a class or through tutoring. Other recommended classes include World History, World Religion, and Geography. Take advantage of any study abroad programs at your chosen University. This will give you valuable experience speaking the language as well as first-hand knowledge of the culture.


Graduates with a major in Iranian and Persian Languages are prepared for a variety of careers. Students who are interested in international relations may become a government consultant. These consultants gather, assess and scrutinize information to advise the National Security Council on workplace safety, or Internet security and other worldwide concerns. Students are also well prepared to become Foreign language or Literature Teachers, Interpreters or Translators. Archaeology is another field that attracts graduates of this major.

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Example Careers

Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Iranian & Persian Languages might open up.

Foreign Language and Literature Teachers, Postsecondary
Interpreters and Translators
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