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Biology & Biotech Lab Technician Overview

Medicine has made incredible breakthroughs over the past century. Vaccines and cures have been developed to increase life spans and help the sick heal. If you would like to play a role in continuing these advancements, consider majoring in Biology and Biotech Lab Technician.

With a degree in this field, you will learn the technical skills to aid research scientists in performing experiments on future vaccines and cures that may save lives and protect people from diseases. You will take classes in biology, microbiology, ecology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics along with technical classes that introduce you to laboratory equipment and the scientific method. These classes will prepare you to assist research scientists in performing necessary tasks within the lab.

Required Skills

Research and scientific experiments require precision and control, making it necessary for Biology and Biotech Lab Technicians to be very observant. You should ensure that experiments are running smoothly and all data and notes have been properly recorded. Strong analytical and critical thinking skills will allow professionals to collect data and make educational conclusions. Communication and teamwork skills are also important to ensure information is shared between team members and findings are clearly explained.

A degree in this field typically leads to a fulltime, 40-hour workweek job often in a laboratory. Before students pursue a job, they should acquire relevant experience. This can be done through an internship or summer job as you are working towards finishing your degree.

A bachelor's degree in this field will allow graduates to work as lab technicians, but a graduate degree will allow them advance to scientists after a few years of experience.


Graduates often find jobs at a variety of biological labs that focus in pharmaceuticals, medicine, life sciences, agriculture, and biotechnology. Graduates not only have technical skills, they also have a background in biology allowing them to find a job at any research company working in the biology field. Due to the consistent growth in medical research and biotechnology, this field is growing at an average rate. Graduates should be able to find a job in their field after graduation.

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