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Physical Science Technicians Overview

A major in Physical Science Technology will allow you to work as a technician aiding research scientists in performing experiments, collecting data, making calculations, and drawing conclusions. You will take classes in chemistry, physics, computer science, biology, and scientific research to learn how to properly work the technology found in a research lab.

There are some concentrations available in this major. These include Chemical Technology or Chemical Process Technology. Any of these subjects prepare you for a career assisting research scientists.

Physical Science Technology is commonly offered as an Associate's degree, however some colleges offer this as a Bachelor's.

Required Skills

Science experiments require closely controlled environments and accurate data collection and interpretation, making attention to detail very important. You should be good at observing small changes and keeping detailed notes. Since you will be working with a research scientist, it is important to have strong teamwork and communication skills. Students who are successful in this field often have a background in math and science, specifically physics and chemistry.

A degree in Physical Science Technologies most often leads to a full time job in an office or laboratory setting. Students and professionals may occasionally do work in the field collecting specimens. It is recommended that students interested in this field work an internship or summer job to gain experience. This will allow you to work closely with a professional and gain hands-on experience in a lab.


Physical Science Technology graduates often find jobs working as a lab technician in health service labs, pharmaceutical companies, energy research, and other physical science labs. Graduates aid research scientists with a variety of tasks to ensure experiments are properly conducted and the necessary data is collected. With the field growing at a slower than average rate, graduates will face competition when looking for jobs. Those with previous experience are more likely to find job opportunities.

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Example Careers

Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Physical Science Technicians might open up.

Chemical Equipment Operators and Tenders
Chemical Plant and System Operators
Chemical Technicians
Environmental Science and Protection Technicians, Including Health
Industrial Engineering Technicians
Life, Physical, and Social Science Technicians, All Other
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