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Scientific experiments require extremely controlled conditions. However, sometimes the project is too large for the scientist to complete alone. By choosing a major in the field of Science Technology, you will learn the Required Skills to aid research scientists and ensure experiments are successfully conducted.

Science Technician majors learn how to use all the necessary tools and technology used in performing research along with the skills to set up and run experiments without error. Students take classes in biology, chemistry, microbiology, statistics, physics, and technical writing to prepare for a career in the lab.

Since there are specific scientific disciplines, technicians must learn the appropriate skills to perform necessary tasks and have the technical skills to aid research specific to each area of specialization. Those interested in biology can major in Biology and Biotech Lab Technology, while students interested in working with nuclear energy can major in Nuclear and Radiological Technology; another option is a major in Physical Science Technology. All of these majors are usually offered as Associate's degrees; however, students also have the option of pursuing a Bachelor's at select colleges.

Required Skills

As a science technician, you must be extremely observant and pay close attention to detail. Since you will be responsible for properly executing experiments along with writing down data, it is imperative to ensure everything is accurate and the experiment is kept controlled. Critical thinking and analytical skills are important when analyzing data, while strong communication skills will help you explain your findings.

Experience the field will greatly help your job search after graduation. Look into internships or part time work in a lab or completing research.


Science Technician majors typically find jobs in a variety of research labs. These labs can include research and development, pharmaceutical research, collegiate research, energy research, or biological research for a variety of companies. A degree in this field will prepare you to assist research scientists in any industry.

The field is growing at an average pace, meaning graduates will face some competition for jobs after graduation. Those with previous experience will have better job opportunities.

Graduates with a degree in Science Technologies/Technician earn an average starting salary of $38,497 and mid-career salary of $64,157.


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  • Yearly Graduations
    (online) 380
    (associate) 818
    (bachelor) 505
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General Science Technologies/Technicians Low N/AN/A
Nuclear & Radiological Technicians Low N/AN/A
Physical Science Technicians Average N/AN/A
Science Technologies/Technicians (Other) High N/AN/A

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