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General Science Technologies/Technicians Overview

Do you desire to work in a lab setting to help other scientists in performing research or running tests? Majoring in science technologies will allow you to prepare to become a science technician in a number of different fields. This major will prepare you by teaching you the scientific method, how to perform tests and think analytically in order to run meaningful tests in the lab.

For example, you could become a biological, chemical, environmental, forensic or medical technician - depending on the industry you're interested in. Biological and chemical technicians run lab experiments working with biologists and chemists creating new processes and compounds. Environmental technicians monitor the environment looking to ensure the area assigned to them is healthy and free from contaminants. Forensic technicians work with law enforcement agencies to analyze forensic evidence. Medical\clinical technicians take lab samples from patients and analyze it according to doctor's lab orders.

Most science technician positions require an associate degree with a focus on your science discipline of choice. However, you can obtain a bachelor's degree in this subject at some colleges.

Required Skills

In this subject of study, it is helpful to have good attention to detail and an analytical mind. You'll need to come up with tests to run and be able to accurately track your tests to ensure they are repeatable. You must also be an excellent communicator - both written and oral so you can accurately convey test results. You will also need to be able to run technical equipment, so technical aptitude is a must.


Some science technician positions will see more growth than others according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Environmental and medical technicians will see the greatest growth at about 13% over the next ten years - greater than the average. Biological technicians will see significant growth as well, with about 10% growth. Chemical technicians, however, will see slower than average growth only adding about 4% over the next ten years.

When it comes to salary, most science technician positions will be in the mid $40k range. Of the careers discussed here, medical technicians can expect a slightly higher median salary of about $51,000 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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