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Most Focused 2021 General Biology Schools in North Dakota

North Dakota Schools Most Focused on General Biology

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A college or university focused on your major means you should expect to have great opportunities waiting for you after graduation. Be sure you click on the schools below to learn more about why General Biology is the most popular major.

What North Dakota Schools are the Most Focused in General Biology?

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It is hard to find a better school than University of Jamestown if you wish to pursue General Biology as a major. Students who love a more relaxed life will treasure the school's setting in the smallish town of Jamestown, North Dakota.

About 35.6% of undergraduates complete their degree on time at this school, which is greater than the U.S. average of 37.0%. You may want to commit to an ACT preparation class prior to taking the test since the typical ACT score is 22. If you are interested in knowing more, you will find every one of University of Jamestown's rankings here.

Any student pursuing a degree in General Biology has to take a look at University of North Dakota. Placed in Grand Forks, North Dakota, this institution is a logical option for students who enjoy the buzz of a major city.

This institution has great value for students in North Dakota. By providing financial aid to 51.0% of its students,University of North Dakota makes it possible to avoid taking on too much debt. Interested in knowing more details on University of North Dakota's campus? Go on a virtual tour.

Every student who is interested in General Biology needs to check out North Dakota State University - Main Campus. The setting in a major urban center is wonderful for young people seeking out considerable possibilities for social networking, adventure, and discovery.

For those who wish to carry on after earning a bachelor's degree, this school has graduate programs available. Close to 80.0% of first-year students return to this school for their following year. Find all of the essential details on North Dakota State University by checking out their scorecard.

It's difficult to beat University of Mary if you want to pursue General Biology as a major. Settled in the outlying Bismarck, North Dakota, it is the ideally suited school for young people who wish to focus on their learning without the distractions of a significant city.

Worried that you won't be able to afford University of Mary? Don’t let that keep you from applying since 84.0% of students receive financial help. Only 37.0% of students graduate on time. University of Mary is way ahead of the pack on that mark with its 38.1% on-time graduation rate. Go deeper to see just how well University of Mary ranks in other categories.

Any student pursuing a degree in General Biology needs to take a look at Mayville State University. Mayville, North Dakota is situated in a peaceful, serene, countryside area.

Quite a few Mayville State University first-year students receive scholarships. Mayville State University encourages interaction between students and their teachers, as evidenced by its 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio. If you're considering finding out more, you can view all of Mayville State University's rankings here.

Every student pursuing a degree in General Biology needs to take a look at Minot State University. Students who enjoy a more slow-paced life will appreciate Minot State University's location in the small town of Minot, North Dakota.

This school's reasonable yearly price is pretty appealing to cost-conscious applicants. This school is known for a low crime rate, among the safest schools in the country. If you are considering finding out more, you can view every one of Minot State University's rankings here.

It is hard to beat Valley City State University if you want to study General Biology. This is a tremendous option for students who desire the charms of a simple college town.

With 65.4% of the teachers being full time, students are sure to get plenty of interaction with professors. Around 57.0% of Valley City State University students get some type of financial aid. The scorecard will give you a good overview of Valley City State University.

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It's hard to beat Dickinson State University if you wish to study General Biology. Students who enjoy a more slow-paced life will appreciate Dickinson State University's location in the small town of Dickinson, North Dakota.

If you're concerned about taking on an excessive amount of debt, you'll want to be aware that Dickinson State University students graduate with about $24,836 in student loans. With its low price and fantastic education, Dickinson State University is a good value, attaining a position of #3 in North Dakota. Get an idea of what student life at Dickinson State University is really like by watching a few campus videos.

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