Intelligence & Command Control Operations
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Intelligence & Command Control Operations Overview

The military-minded student who also enjoys collecting and analyzing information with various forms of technology may choose to major in Intelligence & Command Control Operations. This major will teach you intelligence and communication theories and techniques that will help prepare you for a career in the military.

Intelligence and Command Control Operations involves the strategic use of information to achieve military and political goals. You will learn to use advanced computer programs and technology that transmits communicate and analyzes data. Students will also study different techniques to gather, analyze, and use data to make critical decisions. This major involves learning how to intercept intelligence through the use of radar, satellite, radio signals or from talking to prisoners or spies.

Classes in this major can include things like law, military strategy, politics, military intelligence, technology, military operations, computer network defense, space communications, math, statistics, surveillance, navigation systems, and operations management.

Some students may choose a concentration in their area of interest. Some of the concentrations available are: Strategic Intelligence, Signal Geospatial Intelligence, Command and Control (C3, C4I) Systems and Operations, Information Operations, Information/Psychological Warfare and Military Media Relations, and Electronic Operations and Warfare.

Required Skills

Military majors will prepare you for a career where you get to protect and serve your fellow citizens. This is an important field that requires dedication and bravery. Good decision making skills and the ability to work under pressure will help you succeed.

Intelligence and Command Control Operations involves a lot of work with technology and computers. This is well suited to hand-on learners who are adaptable to new technology.

Interpersonal skills are also helpful as you will often work with teams and need to communicate with superiors. You should be reliable and ready to work hard.


Going into a military technology field will prepare you to work in the military. You need a minimum of a bachelor's degree in order to become an officer. Graduates with a degree in Intelligence and Command Control Operations often work in intelligence agencies for both government and military.

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