Field of Study Overview

Studying in the field of Military Technologies and Applied Science is excellent preparation for a career in the military. In this field you will be training with the military either through ROTC or at a military institution while working towards your degree.

This field is focused around math, science, and technology and is ideal for a student who wishes to enter the military. You need a bachelor's degree in order to be qualified to become an officer.

One major in this field is Intelligence Command and Control Operations; in this major you will work with all different types of people and technology, learning how to collect and analyze data. You could also specialize in Military Applied Science where you will learn to work with computers and technology to create weapons or help design strategic plans. You could specialize in specific engineering to work with the military or focus on security and protection.

Required Skills

If you are at all interested in working in the military a major in this field is excellent preparation. You will have practical military training in addition to rigorous coursework. You will learn responsibility, time management and hard work, making you an ideal candidate to advance through the ranks in the military.

Communication and teamwork is essential to your success. Collaborating with others will allow you to get a job done effectively and creatively. Don't be afraid to think creatively and take initiative to find a successful solution to a problem. Advanced military training will instill leadership skills and confidence, giving you the ability to perform under pressure and make important decisions.

Coursework will involve a lot of math, science and computer skills. Use your critical thinking and analytical abilities to solve problems and perform research. Your physical endurance will also be tested through military field training.


Obtaining a college degree before joining the military will allow you the freedom to focus in on an area you really enjoy. If you enter an ROTC program or attend a military school, you should be prepared to spend a certain number of years in the military based upon your contract. When you retire from the military, you will be qualified to enter numerous fields because of your background.

The average reported starting salary for an individual in the Military Technologies and Applied Science is $42,078 with a mid-career salary of $85,230.

Field at a Glance

  • Yearly Graduations
    (online) 286
    (associate) 78
    (bachelor) 479
  • Average Starting Salary
  • Average Mid-Career Salary

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Intelligence & Command Control Operations High N/AN/A
Military Applied Sciences Low N/AN/A
Military Systems & Maintenance Technology Low N/AN/A
Military Tech & Applied Sciences (Other) Average N/AN/A

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