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Military Applied Sciences Overview

Military Applied Science is major that prepared students to work in the United States Armed Forces. This is a broad major that appeals to students with many different interests. There a variety of concentrations available within this major.

Students will complete practical military training in addition to their classes. Students will be expected to learn how to shoot a rifle, complete obstacle courses, rappel, and develop other physical fitness skills. Other aspects of the major include engineering, building and maintaining weapon control systems, computer programming and strategic planning. Some students will also have the ability to learn about lasers and concentrated energy to make weapons.

Courses you will take are ethics, military law, American history, leadership skills, strategy, politics, logistics, field training, chemistry, computer science, computer programming, engineering, and management skills.

There are a lot of opportunities to specialize in this major. Some of the most popular concentrations are Combat Systems Engineering, Aerospace Ground Equipment Technology, Air and Space Operations Technology, Aircraft Armament Systems Technology, and Munitions Systems / Ordnance Technology.

Required Skills

This major does an excellent job of teaching you skills that apply in the military and in the classroom. Students will need great organizational and time management skills to complete all their tasks in a timely fashion. You should be able to work confidently and calmly under pressure.

Students will need communication and team work skills, as well as the ability to step into the leadership position. Training will involve a lot of team and group work. Learn to lean on your peers for support and help.

Your academic work will involve working with advanced technology, math, and sciences. You should be able to think analytically and critically. Determination will also be important as you work with difficult theories and problems.


A Bachelor's degree in Applied Military Science prepares you or a career in the armed forces where you have the ability to advance through the ranks to become an officer. If you attend a military academy or join ROTC, you will be committing to a certain number of years in the military. Upon retiring from the military, graduates can use their practical skills in a variety of careers, finding work as teachers, researchers, managers or technicians.

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