Military Systems & Maintenance Technology
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Military Systems & Maintenance Technology Overview

Military systems maintenance and technology is a technical track for students wishing to join the armed services in a number of available roles. This may include positions in aerospace ground equipment, air and space operations technology, munitions systems, explosive ordinance, joint task force, missile technology and military information systems technology. These are technical positions open to enlisted and commissioned officers and focus on technical aspects of the military.

You may be responsible for clearing an area suspected of having unexploded ordnance, or you may be responsible for maintaining munitions systems on various vehicles. The number of “systems" involved in the military is staggering, and people working in systems maintenance are critical to ensuring the success of the armed forces and the missions they carry out.

Courses in military systems will focus on the hands-on knowledge needed to perform in a variety of roles. Enlisted members can pick a technical specialty after basic training where they will learn how to perform their assigned job. Commissioned officers earn their bachelor's degrees in one of the federal service academies where they can then choose a specialization.

Required Skills

Besides your education, you will also need to meet several qualifications to become a member of the armed services. You must be at least 17 years old, be a US citizen or permanent resident and be able to pass a medical exam.

You must have the ability to work well with others. You must learn to trust and rely on others, and you must also provide support and do your assigned tasks to ensure the safety and success of your team. Other important skills are the ability to work well under stressful situations.


In today's armed services, technology plays a huge role. Very few systems don't have a technical system behind them and being able to operate and maintain these systems is of great importance. Pay will vary depending on your pay grade and number of years of service and whether you are enlisted or a commissioned officer.

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