Military Tech & Applied Sciences (Other)
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Military Tech & Applied Sciences (Other) Overview

In the Military Technologies and Applied Sciences field there are many different concentrations that you can go into. Some of the lesser known majors include Robotics Engineering, where you will learn about artificial intelligence and robotics that are involved in transportation and military efforts. Another field is Emergency and Homeland Security. Here you will learn techniques and develop skills to help protect and respond to disasters. Any major in the Military technologies will also involve practical military training in weapons, physical fitness and strategy.

Classes that will be helpful in these majors include: engineering, physics, computer science, ethics, military law, logistics, field training exercises, military roles, and national objectives.

Required Skills

Working well under pressure is essential in this field. You will learn how to be committed to the safety of yourself as well as others. Analyzing and critically thinking will be a skill you use every day in school and will be used in your career. You will need to solve difficult problems and figure out the safest solutions.

Classes will involve a lot of math and science. You will be encouraged to apply what you learn in lectures to real life situations. Many students respond well to this sort of practical, hands-on training.

Students who major in the military technologies will also need communication skills and attention to detail. Be willing to listen to instructions and take direction from others, while stepping into the leadership role if needed. Although writing is not the main focus of the major, students will still need to complete reports, research and write papers with clear concise language.


In this field you will be prepared to work in serve in the armed forces. These specific majors will allow you to specialize in your area of interest. With your bachelor's degree you will be able to move up in the ranks and possibly become an officer.

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