Biological & Physical Science
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Biological & Physical Science Overview

Biological & Physical Science is an interdisciplinary major that combines subjects in biology and physical sciences. Physical Science involves the nonliving physical world. Some of the subjects are astronomy, chemistry, geology, physics, math, and meteorology. In contrast, biology involves the study of the living world. Combining the two subjects will allow you to apply abstract formulas and theories to real world situations to come up with concrete solutions.

Depending on the fields in which you focus, your courses will vary. However, you can expect to take biology, chemistry, physics, and advanced mathematics.

Required Skills

This program will demand very analytical thinking. As you conduct experiments and get results, you will learn how to analyze your results with accuracy and precision. You should enjoy problem solving and experimenting. Answers will come to those with persistence in repeating tests over and over again.

You will spend a lot of time working on teams for group projects, in labs, or during a study group. You should be able to serve as a contributing team member and collaborate with your peers. Work on your writing skills so you can clearly explain your findings.


There are many career paths you can follow with a degree in Biological and Physical Science. The career you choose will depend on your focus as an undergraduate. Some may choose to continue their studies in graduate school. If you would rather go straight into a job you can find work as a lab researcher, biological technician, environmental scientist or chemist.

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Natural Sciences Managers
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