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Interdisciplinary Studies Overview

Students who wish to follow a unique path in college may choose to receive a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies (IDST). Most colleges require interested students to submit an application for an Interdisciplinary Studies major and work with an advisor to choose classes. Students can either craft their own path of study, or they can take a broad array of classes in liberal arts after completing the core requirements of the school.

A liberal arts major usually requires students to complete classes in core subjects like math, English, philosophy, history, biology and others determined by the college. Interdisciplinary Studies majors will need to complete all the required core classes as well as the classes outlined in their chosen program.

Required Skills

This major should not be chosen just because a student does not know what subject to pick. Rather, students need to show a clear and focused path demonstrating how the subjects they wish to study will contribute to their career and life goals. This requires a student who is assertive and ready to take their college experience into their own hands.

Interdisciplinary Studies can be a challenging major. Students will need to work closely with an advisor to ensure all their core requirements are met and they receive enough credits to graduate. Because they will be taking classes from a wide variety of subjects, it helps to have an open mind and the ability to synchronize information from various categories. This major can lead to a Bachelor's of Arts or a Bachelor's of Science depending on the college you are attending and the subjects you choose.


An Interdisciplinary Studies graduate is not tied down to a single career path. Their options are as wide and varied as the subjects they study in college. Graduates end up in careers as teachers, counselors, international relations specialists, lab technicians, business managers, entrepreneurs, writers and much more. This can also be excellent preparation for a Master's degree in a more focused area. Because this field is so broad, salaries can vary widely.

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