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Cognitive Science Overview

Discover how people think and why they act the way they do with a major in Cognitive Science. Students will take classes in a variety of subjects in order to fully understand the human mind. Learn how the fields connect and work together in order to make discoveries through different theories and methods. This is a fascinating major that will reveal the way people think, solve problems and reason.

Classes will be in topics such as psychology, computer science, math, philosophy, linguistics, neuroscience, chemistry, language acquisition, logic, and biology.

Required Skills

Cognitive Science is an interdisciplinary major that requires organization and time management. Be ready to work through difficult mathematics problems and complicated labs. Students need to memorize terminology and theories and apply them to different subject areas. Learn to work cooperatively with others and listen to new opinions and perspectives.

This major encourages the development of research and problem solving skills. You should have a flexible mind and be open to new methods. Be ready listen and communicate your own findings. Your coursework will involve both written and oral presentations.


A Cognitive Science degree will prepare you to pursue further education in the behavioral sciences fields as well as different directions such as law or medicine. Graduates who wish to go straight into a career can find work in the computer industry working with artificial intelligence, software design and development, human-computer interface design, or cognitive engineering. Those interested in medicine can become neuroscientists, bio-technicians, or pharmacists, although these careers may need additional education.

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