Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies (Other)
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Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies (Other) Overview

Choosing a Multidisciplinary major usually involves a combination of related subjects to give students a broad education. Some examples of this are Biological and Physical Science, and Biopsychology. You can work with an advisor to create a major unique to you, usually done by picking a topic with two different areas of studies.

There are numerous majors that you can explore. However, if none of these suit your interests, you can always design your Interdisciplinary Study field.

The courses you take in these majors will vary greatly depending on the area of study that you are pursuing. They can range from biology to literature to art history. No area is too vast or unique for this major.

Required Skills

Working in an interdisciplinary field will require you to be an innovative thinker. Learn to connect the varied information and ideas from your unique fields of study. Synchronizing information from different disciplines will make you a stronger student. Students should be flexible and be able to look at the big picture as well as the intricate details in your major.

Critical and logical thinking skills will be imperative for success. You will also have to do a lot of critical reading and research, and then communicate your findings in papers, reports and presentations. Learn to listen to others to gain new perspectives on a subject.


There will not be one specific occupational field you can enter with a degree in Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies. The nature of this field is to open your mind to many different ideas, allowing you to pursue the occupation that interests you the most. Many graduates also use this undergrad degree as a stepping stone into an advanced degree in almost any subject.

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