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International Studies Overview

Dive into the study of international politics, global economies and relations with a major in International Studies. This is an important field in an increasingly global society. Students will get the chance to explore the delicate structure of diplomacy and interactions with other countries.

Many students pick one are of the world to focus on, whether it's Europe, Asia, Africa or any other country that interest you. Your coursework will involve in-depth study on the history, culture, politics and economy of your chosen region.

Other classes you will take are: sociology, statistics, macroeconomics, economic development, political analysis, area studies, foreign language, diplomacy, and conceptual approaches to International Studies.

Required Skills

This major is ideal for students who love to explore and learn about different cultures and countries. Students should have an open mind to different experiences and perspectives. Classes will involve a lot of critical reading, research and writing. Along with writing papers, you will also be expected to participate in class discussions and debates.

Students will use analytical skills and integrative thinking to combine perspectives from various disciplines. Many programs involve opportunities to study abroad. This will greatly enhance your educational experience as you get to know a foreign culture first-hand.


Graduates of International Studies are prepared to work in international politics and relations, international economics, or international law. You may also decide to work as a journalist, political scientist, economist, or foreign exchange trader. Some graduates choose to continue their education with a Master's in International Relations or another related field.

Graduates with a degree in International Studies average $36,175 as a starting salary, with a mid-career salary of $66,553.

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Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in International Studies might open up.

Political Scientists
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