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Do you have more than one interest that you want to pursue in college? Does double majoring sound too difficult, time consuming, or expensive? If so, you have another option. You can get your degree in Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies. This will allow you to explore topics in different study areas. Choose to get your degree in a major that is already established or work with an advisor to create your own. Any path will require a lot of work as you juggle classes from different subjects and make connections between different disciplines.

There are numerous major options you can choose from. One popular choice is Mathematics and Computer Science which allows you to combine interests of math with computer programming and software development. A major in Behavioral Science teaches you about human behavior and biology, while students interested in international relations and exploring foreign cultures may choose to major in International Studies. Another choice is Nutriton Science where students will study how food relates to health. These are just a few of the many options in this field.

Required Skills

Students in this field will need to be creative and critical thinkers as they juggle classes from a variety of subjects. Whether you are examining a scientific journal or medieval literature, you will need to read closely and carefully. You will need the ability to think abstractly and make connections between various disciplines.

Listen to professors and peers to gain new insight into issues. You will be working closely with others in labs, research, study groups, group projects and debates. Work on your communication and corporation skills to achieve success. Written communication is also important as you document your findings and write papers.


Graduates in this field acquire skills they can apply to many different occupations. Many choose to go into graduate school and focus more specifically on a subject. However, the critical thinking and analytical skills gained in college also prepare grads for careers in a variety of fields.

Salaries of these careers will vary drastically depending on your level of education as well as your major. An average starting salary is $38,246 with a mid-career salary of $72,923.


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  • Yearly Graduations
    (online) 17,619
    (associate) 2,352
    (bachelor) 52,045
  • Average Starting Salary
  • Average Mid-Career Salary

Explore Top Majors in this Field

Click Major to View Top CollegesPopularitySalary PotentialMajors Matcher
Accounting & Computer Science Low N/AN/A
Behavioral Science High Poor N/A
Biological & Physical Science High N/AN/A
Biopsychology Average N/AN/A
Classical & Ancient Studies Average N/AN/A
Cognitive Science High N/AN/A
Computational Science Low N/AN/A
Cultural Studies & Analysis Low N/AN/A
Gerontology Average N/AN/A
Historic Preservation Low N/AN/A
Holocaust Studies Low N/AN/A
Human Biology High N/AN/A
Human Computer Interaction Average N/AN/A
Interdisciplinary Studies High N/AN/A
International Studies High Low N/A
Marine Science Low N/AN/A
Maritime Studies Low N/AN/A
Mathematics & Computer Science Average Good N/A
Medieval Studies Low N/AN/A
Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies (Other) High N/AN/A
Multicultural & Diversity Studies Low N/AN/A
Museum Studies Low N/AN/A
Natural Sciences Average N/AN/A
Nutrition Science High Fair N/A
Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution Average N/AN/A
Science, Technology & Society High N/AN/A
Sustainability Science Average N/AN/A
Systems Theory Average N/AN/A

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