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Mathematics & Computer Science Overview

Mathematics and Computer Science as a major is an ideal combination of two fields. Students will use skills, tools, theories, and concepts from both fields to complete projects and solve tough problems.

Students will use complex mathematics, and concrete and abstract concepts to help design computer systems. You will also learn how to create computer programs and software. You could be involved in anything from designing computer games, to implementing systems that help handicapped and disabled people lead more productive lives.

Courses you can expect to see in your studies include: differential equations, calculus, linear algebra, number theory, real analysis, geometry, artificial intelligence, computer system organization, mathematics for computer science, and software engineering.

Required Skills

This is a great major for logical thinkers with strong analytical skills. Students will need to take abstract ideas and apply them to real life problems. Pay strong attention to detail in order to catch errors in computer code, troubleshoot programs and debug a program. This type of work takes dedication and concentration.

Students should work on their communication skills in order to effectively communicate with peers and professors. Learn to collaborate with others to make group projects even stronger. These teamwork skills will serve you well in a future career.


Mathematics and Computer Science will prepare you to work in a variety of fields. You can easily apply your skills to work as a computer and information researcher or as a computer programmer. Grads also find work as statisticians or financial analysts. Some of these fields may require an advanced degree.

Graduates with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science average $50,774 as a starting salary with a mid-career salary of $105,619.

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Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Mathematics & Computer Science might open up.

Computer Occupations, All Other
Natural Sciences Managers
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