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Sustainability Science Overview

The earth contains many essential resources for human life. A major in Sustainability Science focuses on how to preserve Earth's natural resources while at the same time using them to improve human life. This interdisciplinary major contains classes in both the sciences and humanities. Some of the topics studied are conservation, economic growth, ethics and environmental policies.

Courses you will take will include: anthropology, sociology, economics, urban planning, landscape architecture, ecology, natural resources, calculus, soil science, environmental policy, and statistics and botany.

Required Skills

Students who have a passion for the environment and business tend to excel in this field. Interpersonal skills will help you interact with people from a wide array of backgrounds. You will need to examine both sides of an issue while learning to argue your own opinion. Innovative thinking and creativity will lead to success.

Students are often called upon to use logic and critical thinking to analyze numbers and solve difficult problems. Assignments emphasize clear communication skills as you create and share presentations, papers and reports, as well as participate in class discussions. Don't be afraid to get your hand dirty as you work in the field or in labs. Any experience in the field will help you better understand and apply the theories learned in the classroom.


Sustainability Science will provide you with a degree that you can take in many different directions. Graduates can become a Sustainable Resource Manager and work to protect natural resources. They are also prepared to work in environmental policy or government programs. Sustainable agriculture is another career path you could pursue, helping farmers find more efficient methods of producing crops. Grads also find work as environmental educators, park rangers, or continue their education to become a public interest lawyer.

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