Natural Sciences Overview

Students who love all types of science may consider a major in Natural Sciences. This involves the study of biology, chemistry, environmental studies, and physics. You will become scientifically literate and will participate in innovative research.

This is a challenging major. Be prepared to take classes in advanced mathematics and learn complex scientific formulas. This major involves learning a broad range of material; students will need to connect information from a variety of subjects.

Courses in Natural Sciences will include: chemistry, biology, environmental studies, physics, astronomy, botany, geology, ecology, microbiology, and zoology.

Required Skills

This major allows you to dive deeply into the topic of natural sciences. Students will be required to juggle labs, readings, research, and attending lectures. Classes will require self-motivation as well as the ability to work with others. Your math and computer skills will be used often as you work through difficult problems, record and interpret your data.

Your assignments will require you to apply different theories to real life situations. You will develop enhanced critical thinking and analytical skills in order to evaluate your work and results. Students are required to communicate findings in oral presentations and written reports. This will require logical reasoning as well as flexibility and creativity.


A degree in Natural Sciences will prepare you for a career in a myriad of occupations. Graduates find work as a researcher, lab technician or consultant in the areas of science education, science journalism, or public health. A foundation in Natural Sciences will also allow you to go into pharmacy, medicine, law, dental, or nursing. Some of these career paths will require you to continue your education.

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Life Scientists, All Other
Natural Sciences Managers
Physical Scientists, All Other
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