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Best Colleges For Division 1 Men's Lacrosse : Nationwide(page 1 of 7)


Division 1 men's lacrosse is very popular, especially in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. NCAA D1 lacrosse teams are divided into ten conferences with four teams existing without a conference.

Division I lacrosse is the most competitive and tends to be found at larger schools with bigger budgets. Although athletic scholarships are available students should be aware that full scholarships are rare. Because recruitment can begin early, students should start preparing themselves in 8th or 9th grade by keeping up their grades and athletic performance. Researching colleges ahead of time is extremely helpful, to avoid getting courted to a school that is not right for you. Begin your search at College Factual with rankings for lacrosse student-athletes. Investigate the D1 men's lacrosse schools below to find the ones that are in your ideal location and fit you academically and financially.

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